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Business Network Meetings 

You decide - when to have scheduled meetings. 

Keep in mind networking and referrals are developed through building relationships.  Genie Network does recommend a monthly business club meeting where it makes sense.  By meeting monthly you build relationships that lead you to business alliances that help build your strategic partnerships. 
Genie Network provides the tools to hold effective meetings.

This program is designed to educate business people in the Art of Networking and train you how to become more efficient and eliminate the need for cold calls.  The old saying “Teach a person to fish…they eat for a lifetime” is very true of the Genie Network.

Most business people need to make connections with other business people or potential customers to create and do business.  We at Network Genie assist in making those connections and teach you how.
Monthly meetings also provide mentoring, advice and new views of business trends, ideas, that may be shared to the members you communicate with on a daily, weekly basis through the tools of your  Genie Network Club.

Genie Network is designed to educate and train its business membership how to build strategic partnerships, retain and identify them through a series of training modules.
Genie Network is about giving existing networking groups and associations and organizations a place to network outside of meetings and appointments.   Assist in introductions to the right connections, therefore building your business or enhancing your experience in networking. Genie Network is affordable and is feature rich with valuable content and training.Please review the training modules that are available to you as a member. 

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Grow Your Business With Genie Magic
Grow Your Business With Genie Magic