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Holding Effective Meetings

Each business club decides how often to meet, location and meeting length.  Typical meeting length ranges from 1 - 2 hours.  Length of meeting will depend on size of club.  Since most clubs meet monthly most opt for the 2-hour session this allows time for more than one member presentation. 


Meeting locations may be an office, a conference room, coffee house, and/or restaurant.  If your location serves refreshments or food be sure to plan time for placing and the serving of orders.  Define the amount of time for each segment of the meeting.


A typical meeting agenda follows. (Moderator or members take turns leading the meeting this keeps the flow consistent meeting agenda on track.


Welcome (reminder to turn off cell phone)

Read of chapter mission statement

Meeting times, places, strategic meetings or topics from last meeting.


Calendar of Events - Includes business seminars in the area, networking events, tradeshows that may be helpful to members, social networking events. (Site moderator should include events of value to the club calendar.)


Member Infomercials 1-2 minutes per person, brief description of your business and who typical clients might be.  Please read Infomercial.


Guest Introductions - suggest 1 ˝ - 2 minutes per person.


Presentation - member presentation and/or guest presentation if you club is 1-9 members 1 - 2 presentations, over 10 you may want 2 - 3 presentations.  These presentations assist other club members to understand “your” business.


Referrals Success stories from referrals passed during the month.


New Business


Next Meeting Topics


Wrap-up Reminder of next meeting topic and upcoming events - set strategic partner one on one meeting during the month.


Networking - Informal conversation among members who have time to stay over at the end of the meeting.


For more information on effective meetings see member modules on -  How to Hold an Effective Meetings.


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