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How To Hold An Effective Meeting

Genie Network provides members with agendas, training modules, step-by-step process of holding an effective meeting.  Also provided to assist you in holding your effective meetings are; flip chart templates, training modules, suggestion lists for each segment of meetings and more. 
Below is a sample of an overview of a meeting agenda.

First each club or group must decide how often to meet, location and meeting length. 
Typical meeting length ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours.  Meeting locations may be an office, a conference room, coffee house, restaurant or an after hours type of event. 

If your location serves refreshments or food plan include some time for placing and the serving of orders. 
Define the amount of time for each segment of the meeting to meet the needs of your group.  A typical meeting agenda follows.

Calendar of Events
Member Infomercials
Guest Introductions (or potential strategic partners)
Member Presentations (member presentations assist in learning what each members business is and assists in giving referrals)
Referrals follow up/success stories
Meeting Topics
Wrap-up and Networking

For more information on meeting see - How to Hold an Effective Meeting.

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Grow Your Business With Genie Magic