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It is much easier to close a warm referral
How to Grow an Effective Referral Network

Determine what type of network you want to build.

Business networks are as follows: Business-to-Business Business-to- Consumer, Combination Business-to-Business & Business to Consumer, Specialty, and Direct Marketing
(Each module is geared to the first three types of clubs on this list.- members access modules) 
Each club should develop a mission statement that would be shared with other potential members.
Who is the moderator of your club? Moderators monitor attendance and login participation of training. They also facilitate meetings. Identify your strategic partners and whom they do business with. (See Building Block Identifying your Strategic Partners.)

Your club may set guidelines that determine how often you will meet, any attendance commitments, methods for passing referrals.
There are many different aspects of networking for which the group may want to develop guideline. These guidelines should be written and conveyed to all members and potential members.  How often do you want to meet? Routine meeting times help people to participate. Will the meetings be face-to-face or will some of them be virtual meetings? Will your group use the forum board for some of your meeting and learning activities? At your club meeting discuss and plan quarterly social events.

This allows members of the club to get to know each other socially in addition to professionally further develop relationships.

Suggested socials are, meeting for appetizers, bowling, nature trip, lunch or dinner out. The whole purpose is to get together outside of a business arena. If there are monthly networking events in your area where members from various groups and people not affiliated with any other formal network meet this is a good opportunity to expand your network. Members should Invite people they know who would fit into your club. Attending a meeting as a guest gives everyone the opportunity to meet the prospective member and ask questions.

One of the most important aspects of an effective networking group is the commitment of each member to the group and to each member of the group. When members are truly committed to the group and adhere to the guidelines they show respect for the fellow members and that type of group tends to give more and better referrals.

Your networking group will only be as effective as the members make it.

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Grow Your Business With Genie Magic
Grow Your Business With Genie Magic