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If you don’t invest in yourself, nobody else will either.
Rita Schwartz, Genie Network, Inc.
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Genie University

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On Right - Overview: Workshop - Premeditated Business Networking

What Others Are Saying...
Rita Schwartz - Premeditated Business Networking
Premeditated Business Networking - Jan. 30, 2012

What people are saying about the Premeditated Business Networking Workshop:


Litahni - Great to spend time with you! Great presentation today.
Lisa - I really enjoyed this workshop today. Thank you!
Mary C. -What a great class! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your beta class! I enjoyed the people I met as well as the focus I gained. I appreciate what you are sharing with us newbies! :)

Barb - This helped me so much - I now know who I should be talking to.
Jeff - You really teach how to drill down and look at our business - more than just the basic networking session. - Thanks
Dennis - This makes me look at my business in a whole new light.  This will help me a lot.
Steve - I really need to evaluate and define my business.
Krista - Huge need for many small business owners.

Phoenix, Arizona - 2012
Below are a few comments from attendees:
Specific info and ideas about my business was exceptional - non-linear thinking - Lawyer from Scottsdale
Very informative - Dan
Great ideas - the planning was very helpful - Doug
Engagement of the audience - it is good to kick-start netoworking - Rex
I will now make a networking plan to use at events - Cindy
Well thought out and informative - Dan
Made me look at networking differently - Marc
Brainstorming was great - Olivia
Made me look at who I really need to meet - John
I would strongly recommend attending - Irene

Rita Schwartz - Instructor
Rita Schwartz - Instructor

On the right - Rita Schwartz and Jim Poole presenting a joint workshop - Art of Networking™ and learning to use the resources of the JJ Hill Library.

JJ Hill Library offers business professionals essential information and researching tools for understanding the various aspects of running a business. The JJ Hill Library is a must for business professionals.

Learn More about JJ Hill Library.

Rita Schwartz at JJ Hill Library
JJ Hill Library
Rita Schwartz - Art of Networking
NW Metro Chamber - Workshop


On the left:

Rita Schwartz, Genie Network, Inc. 

Art of Networking™- workshop at Chamber - Northwest Minneapolis, MN.  Teaching how to build referrals and leads through strategic partnerships. 

Interactive Workshop - Strategic Partners - Minneapolis Chamber
Developing Strategic Business Partners

Rita Schwartz - Genie Network, Inc.

Workshop at - Minneapolis, MN - Minneapolis Chamber Event

Workshop - Developing Strategic Business Partners to grow your business.  Large interactive workshop.  Business professionals across the USA are learning how to "Work Less - Play More" 

Rita Schwartz - Art of Networking Minneapolis, MN Chamber
Minneapolis Chamber
Ham Lake Chamber - Art Of Networking
Workshop - HL Chamber

Rita Schwartz - Genie Network, Inc.

HL Chamber - Art of Networking™ and Building Strategic Partnerships.

Business Professionals - work strategically and efficiently using the tools and education of the Genie Network, Inc.

Make Connections That Count™

(Not Pictured) - Rita Schwartz - Genie Network, Inc.  -  Metro North Chamber 

Art of Networking™ -Strategic Partner Building - Workshop 3 day workshop

Trained chamber group of 50+ business professionals.  They could not get enough.   Once you understand your strategic business partners and learn the true Art of Networking™ the following happens:

Grow your business
Sell more
Work less - 
play more
Build return on investment 
Develop relationships that are a true investment in your future
Make more money

Rita Schwartz, Genie Network, Inc.
Rita Schwartz Hosting a drawing


Rita Schwartz - Genie Network

Business Expo event. 

Having a good time hosting a drawing with one of the Genie's.



Rita Schwartz, Genie Network, Inc.

Business networking event (expo) 

Bill said: "This was the best event I have attended in months.  With the knowledge I learned I made the right kind connections that were very profitable."


Rita Schwartz Genie Network, Inc.
Speaking at Business Expo
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Grow Your Business With Genie Magic
Grow Your Business With Genie Magic