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Genie Network - Group Exercises

Group Exercises

Build loyalty, educate and most importantly build awareness for referrals.

Genie Network - Know Your Business Card
Know Your Business Card

Understanding what potential clients and networking contacts view as important in your business card.  The goal is to create a good impression for referrals/networking contacts by having a business card that effectively communicates the memberís business.

This is a group excercise where you will really get to know your business card and what it says about you and your business.

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Genie Network - Strategic Partner Card Deck
Strategic Partner Card Deck
Strategic Partner Card Deck

Strategic Partner Card Deck

Building referrals within your group exercise.

Deck of 54 cards are instantly downloaded to you upon purchase.  Cards arrive 9 up on a 8.5 x 11 sheet.  Actual size of card deck is a bit smaller than a regular deck of cards shown in picture.  Simply - print, cut and start building referrals.  We recommend printing on a lighter card stock . Saves you shipping costs.

This deck will build referrals and create thought processes that will stimulate your group. If you are tired of chasing unqualified referrals this strategic exercise is the business builder you have been waiting for.  I have personally  taught this program for over 16 years and have now developed a program that is delivered to you in your "in box".

For less than 5.5 cents per card - your ROI is just one lead could be hundreds of dollars in your bank account!  Or simply split the cost within your group. This investment will pay you over and over and over again.

Cost:  SPCD - $29.99

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Building strategic alliances and business partners is key in learning the Art of Networking ?.  This lesson is designed to build referrals among your group.

This goal of this exercise is to make members aware of opportunities to grow their business.  It will educate your team as to what creates your business.  Circumstances, events create your business and learning who touches your customer before they become your customer is key in building quality referrals.

Use this exercise in place of a speaker at your meeting.  The Art of Networking? card deck is the perfect tool to create awareness within you group regarding other services their customers need.

Certain categories of professions make excellent strategic alliances. Some strategic alliances should meet weekly on a one on one.

Some professional categories do business-to-business  (B2B) (professionals doing business only with other businesses).  Other professional categories do business only with consumers or business-to-consumer (B2C).

Cost: SPCD -  $29.99  - Downloadable Deck with instructions  Order Today

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Genie Network - Strategic Business Referral Mapping
Building Referrals
Strategic Business Referral Mapping

Purpose:  Build Referrals Within Your Business Networking Club

The purpose of Strategic Business Referral Mapping is to focus member- by-member opportunities for building their business and receiving referrals.  The exercise is all about identifying situations, events, and products that create their customers needs.  It is critical that each member of a business-networking group understand who, what and how their business is created.

What you receive with this order:  Step-by-Step instructions on Strategic Business Partner Mapping and actual map and mapping instructions. Downloadable pdf form.

SBRM - $10.99

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Genie Network - Action Plan and Goal Setting
Building your group
Action Plan and Goal Setting
Keep your group from growing stale.  Keep the referrals growing!  A must for every group!

Why develop an action plan?

To maintain the momentum in your referral club each club is advised to build a networking goal and action plan.  Referral clubs without a networking goal and action plan grow stale and you referral partners within your group will be limited in growth, partnerships, and referrals.  With a plan each member understands and has goals to obtain, as each goal is achieved business experiences growth.

When do you develop a networking goal and action plan?

You develop your networking goal and action plan from the first meeting- it is best to start talking about it among the club embers at the 1st meeting of your club.

You will receive a step-by-step instructions and forms to develop your Business Networking Club Action and Goal Plan.

Eight packed pages for your club. Note:  Included with Starting your Business Networking Club 101.

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Genie Network - Member Personal Action Plan - Accountably
Member Personal Action Plan - Accountably

Have you ever planned to meet a client at their office for the first time, and not get an address or directions?  Did you ever take a vacation road trip without knowing where you were headed and without consulting with a road map to plan it? 

Genie Network members may have different reasons for joining a business networking club, but they generally want to build themselves or their business.  Having a member action plan that specifically addresses what they want to achieve (their destination) and how they are going to get there (their strategies).  This exercise will encourage members to complete their action plans and start out on their new journey.
This exercise is best used with business networking clubs that have recently formed and comprise mostly of new members to the Genie Network.  It will spur new members to complete their action plan and get started, and for those that have completed their action plan, it will reinforce the importance of following it.  For older groups it will reset the fire to succeed and grow.  The exercise is designed to create accountability within your group.

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Genie Network - Identifying Referral Opportunities
Identifying Referral Opportunities

Help you business ?networking members recognize opportunities to refer the products and services of other members buy uncovering referral opportunities.  Team group exercise.

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Genie Network - Infomercial - Are we Listening to Introductions

Infomercial - Are we Listening to Introductions
Develop listening is a skills within your business-networking group.  This exercise helps people to truly ?listen? to what others are saying.  In business-networking clubs across the country, listening is critical.  Each week a majority of the business-networking group?s time is spent listening to each other?s infomercials. As the business-networking group gets older and more stabilized, members may subconsciously ?tune out? infomercials, just as television viewers may ?tune out? a commercial they have seen repeatedly.  The purpose of this exercise is to bring to the foreground a members focus and retain key parts of the verbal information passed at each meeting.  Focus and retention are important components of listening, and to assist members in any networking setting.

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Genie Network - Generating Referrals Using Trigger Words
Generating Referrals Using Trigger Words

A referral business-networking group is most useful when all members understand each members? business and more importantly each members? trigger words.  Trigger words concisely identify a situation or circumstance in which a person would use the member?s services and/or product.

Group exercise to increase referrals.

GRUTW - $9.95

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