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Genie Network - Group Forms
Group Forms

Group forms keep the group on track.  They also track referrals, keep a meeting on pace and keep attendance and more. 

Structure, welcome guests and so much more. 


Genie Network - Referral Forms
Referral Forms
3 Part Referral Forms (100 Pack)

Referral Forms:

Essential for every meeting!

Forms are three-part NCR paper. 
Sold in packs of 100.  Boxed and shipped to you allow up to 7 days for delivery.  
Your cost is .04 cents per form including shipping! 

Order online today - they pay for themselves over and over and over!

Only $34.99 (Sold in packs of 100)

Forms include:

Referred by, Contact information
Phone numbers
Temperature of the lead/referral
Additional comments and more

Recommend - white copy to the referrer, yellow to the club recorder, pink their copy to keep.


3-Part Referral Forms. Sold in packs of 100. Click picture to enlarge for full view. A must for every meeting.


Genie Network - Your Bio Building Trust with Club Members
Business Networking Exercise
Group Exercise

Your Bio Building Trust with Club Members

People do business with people they know and like. In order for club members to start giving you referrals they need to build awareness and trust in you and each other not just in your business but also in you personally. Share your bio with members. Use these and similar details about you not only in your Member Introduction but in future presentations you give to the chapter. This exercise is a great first exercise to get to know one another. 

Group exercise to build relationships.  May be used in one-on-one meetings as well as within the group.  Defining each professional category and how they do business.  What makes them stand out from their competition.  Feel great about referring them to your colleagues.

BBTWCM - $2.95 

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Genie Network - Agenda in MS Word
Strong Organized Leadership
Agenda in MS Word

Simple agenda with schedule, (meeting flow)  time break-out for each segment.  Document ready for you to type in your groups name and personalize.

Note: Included in Build a Business Networking Group 101
Keep your meeting on track, professional and organized.

AIW - Only $1.29

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Genie Network - Category List
Category List
Category List

Three columns - two pages of categories.  Great tool while working with strategic partners and alliances.

Already complete save yourself hours of building your category list.

Only  - CL- $1.25

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Genie Network - Guest Orientation Check List
Guest Orientation Checklist
Guest Orientation Check List

Great for guest days.  Keeps everyone on track. 

Keeps your group organized and your guests will appreciate your professionalism.

Avoids leaving out details.

GOCL  - $3.95

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Genie Network - Strategic Partner - Worksheet
Strategic Partners Are The Nuts N Bolts of Networking
Strategic Partner - Worksheet

Blank worksheet with Strategic Partner flow chart.  To be used with Strategic Partner Strategic Partner Card Deck and Club Plan Strategic Business Partner Mapping.

Great tool for groups to give out a take home worksheet after one of the group module exercises.  Keeps your group thinking.

SPMW - $2.95

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Genie Network - Club Presentation Schedule
Presentation Schedule
Club Presentation Schedule

Four month presentation schedule form.

Each member should present their 15 minute presentation to allow members to learn what they do.  Builds referrals the more each member understands how each member works and what they really do builds referrals at every meeting.

This form is 8.5 x 11 designed to fit into your meeting binder.

PS - $1.95

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Genie Network - Guest Day Accountability and Guest Sign In Forms
Guest Days Bring Members and Referrals
Guest Day Accountability and Guest Sign In Forms

We suggest that you encourage everyone in your club to participate in Guest Days.  To promote everyone getting involved, track the performance of each club member. 

You can collect this information during the weekly meetings building up to the Guest Day.  Check the ?week? box when the required tasks for the week are completed.

Also included is a Guest Day sign in sheet.  Track who attends and who invited.

GDAS - $2.95

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