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Group Tools are group educational activities to build your business-networking group and train members to become strong networkers.

Group Tools is where it starts.





Learn the Art of Networking -- Build Your Own Personal Sales Team - Attend Many of Genie Network Workshops  Providing Tools to Educate Your Existing Business-Networking Group  -- With Group Modules - Group Exercises  --  Group  Forms  -- Thinking of Starting Your Own Business Networking Organization  -- Genie Network Provides the Tools, Support and more….  Genie Network - Making Connections That Count….

Genie Network Business Networking Team Builder


Module includes:

Affiliated Referral Club Guidelines
Club Guideline Outline
What is networking?
How Do You Start An Affiliated Business Networking Club?
Why Genie Network?
How a club begins
Purpose of a Referral Business Networking Club
Meeting Tools
How To Hold An Effective Network Meeting
Guidelines to Running a Successful Meeting
Opening Statements/Topics
Leadership Team
Support Members
Meeting Close Statements/Topics
Building Relationships
Team Roles & Responsibility
Club Structure
Category List
Suggested Phone Call Invite Script
E-Letter and/or Mailed Letter
Reminder Call - Script
Guest Day Accountability Sheet
Guest Day Sign-In Sheet
Steps To a Impact Infomercial
Club Networking Goal & Action Plan
Calendar of Events, Seminars, Workshops
Getting to Know Your Chapter Members
Club Presentation Schedule
Guest Orientation
New Member Orientation
Notices - Print format announcements

Do not re-invent the wheel.  Twenty years of experience, forms, instruction, guidelines and tools ready for your use. You will receive audio instructions, downloadable pdf and word format tools to build your business networking club. 
You own your business referral group.  We at Genie Network collect no monies, no contracts.  You build your organization and we provide the tools.  NOTE:  You will need Adobe Reader to view files.  Get Adobe Reader FREE at

Start Your Own Business Networking Group
Start Your Own Business Networking Group

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Already have a group. Build the structure and organization of your business networking organization now.

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Genie Network Words to Use
Suggested Phone Call an e-Mail/Letter Scripts

Is your group tongue tied when it comes to inviting guests to a guest day.  No more you may now purchase a tried and true script that works!  You also receive letter/email letter to send or pass out to selected individuals.

Make your guests day the most successful ever.

Includes script for inviting to meet and follow-up script.
You will also receive a copy of a email/mail letter invite.

GDS - $3.99

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Genie Network Strategic Team Builder
We're Building Our Team
Building a Strategic Referral Team - Network

This exercise helps members identify the professionals that are their strategic partners, namely professionals whose business complements the member?s product or services and therefore ?shares? the member?s potential client segment.  Networks should be grown smartly; by having existing members identify and recruit those professionals who are best situated to provide referrals.  This process can be replicated as the business-networking group adds members, creating a very strong and purposeful networking club.  In addition, identifying strategic partners offers members co-marketing opportunities and the ability of the strategic team to do Genie Network workshops, Lunch n Learn and seminars to increase referrals/leads

Group Exercise

BSRT - $8.99

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Genie Network - Help Everyone Stay Active
Kiss - Keep It Simple = More Referrals
How to Keep Your Group Active

The purpose is to educate the group of their skills and how they do business. Idea starters for keeping your group active.

KISS = Keep it Simple

Great ideas of how to keep your group active.

HKYGA - $2.59

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Genie Network Keep Your Meeting on Track
Flip Chart
Agenda - Flip Chart

Keep your guests and everyone in the room on track.  The flip chart agenda add structure to every meeting.  Opens a dialog for participation and keeps the time keeper and leader on task.

A must for every group!


Print in full color. 
Use with - Avery Flip-Chart Easel Binder- found at your local office supply store. (Not Included)

FC - $14.99

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