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Defining Your Success


Why is it essential to every successful business professional?  Many of us are so stressed that we go from hour to hour – day to day and not take the time to plan for our success.  Some have created a plan and have not reviewed it in months.

Let’s take a moment and look at what some people define success as. 

  • Money?  If so how much money would it be give it a number.
  • Position?  You’re currently in a job and your idea of success is the title or position of (name it).
  • Address?  Is it a town or place you want to live – name the town, state and place?
  • Lifestyle?  Is it a certain credit card, clothes, dollars in the bank, clubs or things you do in your spare time – give them all the name for you.
  • Family? Maybe it is the ability to spend more time with your family- education for child.
  • Vacations?  Travel?  Is success to you certain vacations – list your trips and where.
  • A Job? Maybe you are under employed or need a job.
  • Winning the Lottery?
  • Ability to retire?  Name the target date.
  • Working from home?
  • Owning your own business?  What would you do?  Have you created a business plan?
  • Peace, happiness and love what you do?  Define these items.
  • Finishing your degree or advancing your degree?  List what you want to achieve.

Once you have defined what success is to you...  The next step is how to achieve your goals and the steps to get there.  In this learn step-by-step.

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Building Your Success
Defining Your Success
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Coaching - Your First Month Is Free
Do you want to become more effective in all you do? 
Do you want to grow your business?
Do you want to become more successful?
Do you sometimes wonder where the day goes?
Do you need find you need accountability?
Do you set goals and wonder why you do not make them?
Do you become frustrated that you can never make it to the next level?
Are you thinking of starting a business?
Where do you want to be in 3 Months, 6 Months, One-Year and Five Years? 
Do you have a plan to get there?
Why do some people seem very successful and others just plot along the status quo?
If you always have said ..."I cannot afford the help I need" then this is great news for you...a professional new program at a very affordable price. 
With the Growth Program with Genie Network your first month is FREE.  Becoming the very best you can be starts with the discovery.  See below. 

How It Works
We identify your needs to meet your goals.  You will receive a download PDF file.  This file is a Discovery Questionaire that identifies where you are at.  Once you fill the questionaire out and email or fax it to our office.   
We create a plan.
Then we schedule one hour per week together we build and progress with your plan.
You may stop the coaching/mentoring program at any time.
The first month is FREE after the first month there will be a monthly
charge all details are in the discovery booklet when you register on the right.
Be sure to enter promo code -  FMFREE  to receive your first month FREE!  Almost FREE the download system will charge you a penney.  The system does not allow a zero!

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